SMITHWORKS FORGE, LLC - Custom crafted: Wrought iron metal and steel furniture, Knife and sword blades, Jewelry, and Leather products

Custom Hand-Crafted Metal & Leather Products

Our products are all hand-crafted and custom made: wrought iron, fabricated steel furniture, knives and swords, jewelry, and leather items.

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About the Artisan

Meet Stephen J. Smith, accomplished blacksmith, bladesmith, and jeweler.

Stephen's interest for quality made, custom metal artistry began at the young age of twelve when he built his first forge on his father's farm in rural Dexter, Michigan.

Today Stephen's forge is on his own land in Larkspur, Colorado. He has been creating and selling custom items for the past 20 years.



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Wrought Iron - Home accessories, garden furniture, home furniture, tools, welding, and more Knife and Sword Blades - Our custom forged knives, swords, axes, etc are as strong and durable as they are decorative Jewelry - Lost wax castings of your precious metal of choice made to your exact specifications Leather Items - Genuine leather crafted into bullwhips, knife sheaths, sword scabbards, etc

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Stephen J. Smith   -   720.635.4752   -   Larkspur, Colorado

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